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    Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
    4:55 am
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    Hello. You came over here because you wanted to read what I had to say, or maybe you're curious about me, or who knows what. Regardless, be informed: I will not be posting journal entries here. My main reason to have an account is to post on other people's livejournals, not to talk about things here. Sites like Livejournal, deadjournal, geocities, hotmail and the like are for people who lack the technical expertise or means to maintain a site of their own, and I have both of those advantages. There are over 20 sites I maintain elsewhere; and I'm not interested in sharing my daily blortings on some sort of group hug.

    The other sites worth checking are,,, and, if you're feeling moody, Other than that, don't know what to tell you.

    Ok, one other thing. Livejournal is a centralized server setup logging the daily writings of people, time they will never get back. There are ways to download and save your livejournal for posterity. PLEASE, do that. Keep your work in a safe place not controlled by people you don't know. Don't be stupid. Don't act like it's not worth your time to do a minor amount of work and keep a copy of what some of you pour hours of your day into. Don't make me think of you as a bigger moron than you are.

    Are you hurt and insulted? Great. Keep it that way. Life sucks, wear a helmet.
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